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Executive Officers

Executive Officers and Significant Employees of the Registrant

The table below presents our executive officers, their ages and their titles:
Name Title Age
Mr. Serge C.P. Belamant Chief executive officer, chairman and director 58
Mr. Herman G. Kotze  Chief financial officer, treasurer, secretary and director 42
Mr. Phil-Hyun Oh Chief executive officer and president, KSNET, Inc. 53
Mr. Nitin Soma Senior vice president information technology 45


Mr. Belamant is one of the founders of our company and has been our chief executive officer since October 2000 and the chairman of our board since February 2003. He was also chief executive officer of Aplitec. Mr. Belamant also serves on the boards of a number of other companies that perform welfare distribution services and the provision of microfinance to customers. Mr. Belamant spent ten years working as a computer scientist for Control Data Corporation where he won a number of international awards. Later, he was responsible for the design, development, implementation and operation of the Saswitch ATM network in South Africa that rates today as the third largest ATM switching system in the world. Mr. Belamant has patented a number of inventions, including our original funds transfer system patent, ranging from biometrics to gaming-related inventions. Mr. Belamant has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of operations research, security, biometrics, artificial intelligence and online and offline transaction processing systems.

Mr. Kotze has been our chief financial officer, secretary and treasurer since June 2004. From January 2000 until June 2004, he served on the board of Aplitec as group financial director. Mr. Kotzé joined Aplitec in November 1998 as a strategic financial analyst. Mr. Kotzé is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Mr. Oh has served as chief executive officer and president of KSNET since 2007. Prior to that, he was the Managing Partner at Dasan Accounting Firm and was the Head of the Investment Banking Division at Daewoo Securities. Mr. Oh is responsible for the day to day operations of KSNET and as its chief executive officer and president is instrumental in setting and implementing its strategy and objectives.

Mr. Soma has served as our Senior Vice President of Information Technology since June 2004. Mr. Soma joined Aplitec in 1997. He specializes in transaction switching and interbank settlements. Mr. Soma represented Nedcor Bank in assisting with the technical specifications for the South African Interbank Standards. He is also responsible for the ATM settlement process to balance ATMs with the host as well as balance the host with different card users. Mr. Soma designed the Stratus Back-End System for Aplitec, and is responsible for the Nedbank Settlement System for the Point of Sales Devices. Mr. Soma has over 15 years of experience in the development and design of smart card payment systems.

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