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Key Products
GSM Products & Licensing

Net1 offers a range of industry-standard and bespoke GSM / U(SIM) products and solutions across numerous silicon providers, architectures and frameworks under the Prism brand.

The Prism industry compliant telecommunications product family extends across multiple technologies encompassing 32K, 64K, 128K and 256K products on both ROM and FLASH based platforms, providing a highly customizable framework for proprietary customer / Operator requirements.

Technological highlights provided by this product-set: 

  • A highly secure and runtime-configurable Operating System (OS).
  • 2G SIM / ICC and / or 3G USIM / UICC frameworks and applications.
  • Multiple SIM Toolkit (STK) browser environments, including:
    • Certified SmartTrust WIB implementation of version 1.3 plus all SmartTrust recommendations. 
    • SIMAlliance's S@T environment.
    • USAT browser.
    • OTA2 (for Chinese market).
    • Dynamic STK (DSTK).
  • JavaCard version 2.2.2, with full 32-bit 'int' support  and additional optional packages including:
    • CAT-TP API.
    • SmartTrust's JWIB.
    • JSR 177 and RMI.
    • Interoperability across platforms is ensured through the implementation of SIMAlliance's Stepping Stones 6 recommendations and full compliance with SUN's TCK test suite. 
  • Highly secure JavaCard  and native crypto capabilities:
    • RSA - including key generation with certifications up to 2048-bits. 
    • DES and 3DES - for single, double and triple-length keys.
    • DUKPT.
    • AES - with configurable R1 through 5 parameters. 
    • Others - CRC32, HASH, etc.
  • A memory management unit featuring dynamic object management and defragging to optimize space usage on any products. 
  • An extensive multi-environment plug-in framework supporting over 130 Value Added Service and transactional plug-ins, such as:
    • SmartTrust-defined WIB 1.2 and 1.3 plug-ins, including those for RSA. 
    • WIB and generic support plug-ins.
    • Proprietary application management plug-ins.
    • Enhanced crypto - DES, PIN, DUKPT, HASH, RSA, etc plug-ins.
    • Proprietary non-volatile storage ('table') plug-ins.
    • Other proprietary - dual phonebook, multi-IMSI, etc plug-ins.
  • Global Platform-defined application management framework.
  • Other proprietary network-defined 'native' applications e.g. Dual IMSI, 'smart' Roaming, etc.


The (U)SIM products and production services range is augmented through numerous in-house developed tools available to licensees and customers.

These support a wide range of activities, including: 
  • High-level customer requirements procurement.
  • Low-level personalization profile generation and capturing.
  • General card manufacturing, personalization and production.
  • (U)SIM-based applications development, loading, testing diagnostics.

Application development: 

In addition, the Prism applications development service allows us to regularly assist clients to define, develop, test, deploy and operate a wide range of JavaCard, WIB, S@T, USAT and native applications across varying environments and markets.

Certain pre-defined applications are available in this regard, select ones include: 
  • Universal Electronic Payment System (U.E.P.S.). 
  • Virtual Top Up (VTU). 
  • Multi IMSI. 
  • Multi-2G Phonebook.
  • 3G "JUMBO" Phonebook for 2G handset.
  • SIM Based device management (IMEI Detection).
  • Information and Value Added Services (VAS).
  • Location based tracking.
  • Secure user data storage.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • Smart Roaming.
  • Roaming call control.
  • IMEI "lock". 

Future technologies: 

Through innovative products and services we continually aim to expand the technological horizon presented by our market space. Our involvement with various industry-leading boards and workshops has allowed us to contribute to the common (U)SIM market direction. Additionally, we establish close long-term relationships with our customers and licensees, this in turn permits us to consider their individual needs in defining our future products. 

Some ongoing developments include:
  • DVB-H OS.
  • Single Wire Protocol for NFC.
  • Java Card 3.
  • High density USIM.
  • Dual Interface USIM.
  • ISIM.

This project listing includes a select few of the developments we are currently working on which may already have become available as products.

Further information can be made available on request.

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