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Key Products

Payment Terminals

The unique manner in which Net1 deploys its solutions for individuals and business is set to drive a fundamental change to the very manner in which transacting occurs. Through the patented  U.E.P.S. technology and infrastructure deployed at the lower end of the market, coupled with the retail payment infrastructure already established at the high end of the market through EasyPay, a powerful impression on the business models and profitability at both spectrums of commercial retail business can be achieved.

The U.E.P.S. suite of software programs delivers an integrated information, payment, switching and settlement environment which underpins the Net1 transaction processing system. The software primarily runs on three devices, the smart card, the POS device and the back-end system mainframe. For customers choosing a complete system or license for our technology, we provide the software, smart card functionality and POS devices that enable smart cards to transact offline with each other and the Net1 back-end system.

Payment terminals installed and supported by Net1 form an integral part of the U.E.P.S. system, all payment terminal products are certified, industry standard technologies providing the highest levels of performance, compliance, security and interoperability. Through our biometrically enabled payment terminals, we can provide additional security to any debit or credit card holder by eliminating the risks associated with traditional signature or PIN-based card systems, through a patented fingerprint validation procedure.

Coupled with our services, this technology not only ensures the provision of fast and efficient customer service and a heightened sense of customer convenience, but also provides access to secure, accurate and reliable transaction processing and reconciliation across all transaction types.

Net1 supplies secure world leading technology products from Ingenico.


More about Payment Terminals

  • Ingenico Terminals

    Products that delivers fast, yet highly secure transactions to give you high performance yet extremely cost-effective transactions that deliver compelling customer service.
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