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Key Products

Mobile Virtual Card

We have developed an innovative mobile phone-based payment solution, MVC, that enables secure purchases with no disruption to existing merchant infrastructures and significant incentives for all stakeholders.

The MVC solution utilizes existing and traditional payment methods but enhances them by replacing plastic card data with a one-time-use virtual card data, hence eliminating the risk of theft, phishing, skimming, spoofing, etc. The virtual card data replaces digit-for-digit the credit (or debit) card number, the expiration date and the card verification value with only the issuer bank identification number (first 6-digit) remaining constant.

The MVC solution uses the mobile phone to generate virtual cards offline. The mobile phone is the most available, cost-effective, secure and portable platform for generating virtual cards for remote payments (online, phone and catalogue orders). Following a simple registration process, the virtual card application is activated over-the-air, enabling the phone to generate virtual card numbers completely off-line.

MVCs are used like traditional plastic credit or debit cards, except that as soon as the transaction is authorized, the generated card number expires immediately. While MVC has been focused primarily on card not present transactions for internet payments in our initial deployments, we have the ability to customize the software as industry acceptance increases to incorporate new trends such as presentation through NFC or Quick Response, or QR, Codes.

Consumers can easily generate a new card on their mobile phone to shop on the internet or to place a catalogue or telephone order. MVCs are completely secure and can also be sent in a single click to family, friends, and service providers.

Once the authorization request reaches the issuing bank processor, our servers decrypt the virtual card data, authenticate the consumer and pass the transaction request to the card issuer for authorization.

MVC can be offered as a prepaid solution or directly linked to a subscriber's credit or debit card or other funding account. Subscribers can load prepaid virtual accounts with cash at participating locations, or electronically via their bank accounts or via direct deposit.

The benefits of MVC include, for:

  • Card issuers - increased transactional revenues from existing accounts, driving more transactional revenues and elimination of fraudulent card use.
  • Mobile network operators - revenues from payments, reduced churn, opportunities for powerful co-branding schemes.
  • Consumers - convenience, peace of mind, ease of use, rewards.
  • Merchants - elimination of charge-backs and fraud at no extra cost.
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