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Multi Application Framework for Point-Of-Sale Platforms

Today's retail consumer is more demanding and less loyal than ever before, retailers are therefore continually looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate their service offering and increase revenue streams.

One strategy for achieving these business goals is implementing expanded payment, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Value Added Service (VAS) solutions at retail Point-Of-Sale (POS).

FlexiPOS is a retail solution that allows the retailer's various payment and VAS solution requirements to be streamlined into a single POS device. With FlexiPOS, the POS is equipped to become the place of purchase, place of payment and place of service for consumers shopping in store.

Developed to enable secure, efficient and cost effective transacting, FlexiPOS is based on a highly modular design which provides retailers with the flexibility to add and/or adjust new payment and VAS applications with minimal impact.

With FlexiPOS, retailers are provided with access to new applications within 2 months. In addition, the time and effort required to adjust, maintain and certify applications is significantly reduced.

Key benefits: 

  • Increased stability and flexibility of applications. 
  • Reduced development time and cost to supply additional applications. 
  • Reduced time to market for additional services. 
  • The modular design allows for smaller application files which means smaller downloads, thus reduced running costs and communications risks. 
  • Remote software downloads reduces support and logistical costs for software updates. 
  • Increased flexibility for the customer. 
  • Combines the functionality of multiple devices on one platform, no longer do you need one device per application - uncluttered counter-space. 
  • Even though these applications are independent of each other, using the managing application they can request services from each other, allow a complete transaction from VAS to payment and receipt. 
  • Certification becomes more controlled as each application is independent. 
  • Small changes do not mean an entire overhaul of applications in order to re-certify, only that application needs to be certified. 
  • Additional payment methods downloaded to the device become immediately available to existing applications without development changes or enhancements to those applications. 
  • Reduced total cost of ownership, one device will be able to provide all customer requirements over a long life cycle.
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