• JSE (LSK) Price: R84
    • Change : equal 0
    • Volume : 78.043
    • Data Time : 17:39 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-06-24
    • JSE (LSAK) Price: R5.15
    • Change : up 0.05
    • Volume : 17.548
    • Data Time : 22:00 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-06-27
Key Products

Electronic Funds Transfers

EasyPay switches credit, debit, fleet, staff and private label card EFT transactions for some of South Africa's leading retailers and petroleum companies.

Key to this offering is the reconciliation, settlement and 24x7 monitoring service provided when switching transactions between merchant's POS infrastructure and the acquiring institution's back-end system. 


  • Fast, secure, low cost and low risk for consumers and customers. 
  • Facilitates cash withdrawals and balance enquiries from debit cards at the POS reducing the need for bank-owned ATMs.  
  • Provides online access to extended hot-card file lists, minimizing fraud.  
  • Access to real-time transaction and history data for management statistics, customer trend tracking and query tools.  
  • Enables merchants to interface to banks or other switches, providing payment facilities for a wide range of bank cards. 
  • Financial institutions are ensured of EFT transactions that are consistently delivered in accordance with their electronic banking strategies.  
  • Centralized risk control and capacity management.
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