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    • Data Date : 2022-06-24
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    • Data Date : 2022-06-27
Key Products

Driver's License

The Driver's License application provides Government with a smart card system which facilitates all the citizens/residents of the country having their Driver's License statistics captured on to a smart card with biometric fingerprint identification.

When stopped by a traffic officer in the field, the driver will be required to present one of his/her ten fingerprints.

The information relating to the Driver's License Number and Expiry Date will be extracted from the Data Dictionary and displayed on the screen of the POS terminal.

This transaction will be performed Offline. The Banking Application is optional for the payment of outstanding fines if Government selects this option.

Benefits to the Government 

  • MIS Reporting
  • Reduced operational and administrative costs
  • System efficiency
  • Accessibility to payments
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