• JSE (LSK) Price: R84
    • Change : equal 0
    • Volume : 78.043
    • Data Time : 17:39 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-06-24
    • JSE (LSAK) Price: R5.15
    • Change : up 0.05
    • Volume : 17.548
    • Data Time : 22:00 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-06-27
Key Products

Mobile Payments & Banking

Net1 has designed and developed a Mobile Payments and Banking Services product for payment of goods and services using your mobile phone.

This system allows a mobile user (client) to transact anywhere; to do various banking transactions such as retail sales payments, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, money transfers and many more.

Mobile Operators who desire to participate in the system will be required to purchase SIM cards, which incorporate the Virtual Card U.E.P.S. Application.

All mobile phone customers who wish to use this facility will be issued with a new U.E.P.S. - SIM CARD (through the mobile operator).

Each SIM card will be pre-loaded with the U.E.P.S. mobile application and a Unique Serial Number (USN). The U.E.P.S. application present in the SIM will initially be configured with a SCA wallet (Current Account) and a Savings wallet.

The following functionality is available using the mobile payments or banking option on U.E.P.S. 

  • SCA Wallet - current Account
  • Savings Wallet - including interest
  • Change PIN
  • Sales Transactions
  • Money Transfers
  • Balance Enquiries - Offline
  • Transaction List
  • 10 Digit Electronic Signature Loads
  • 3rd Party Bill Payments to:
    • Registered Merchants
    • Linked Merchants
    • Once Off Merchants
  • Automatic Cash Advances
  • U.E.P.S. Authenticated Cash Deposits
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