• JSE (NT1) Price: R46.02
    • Change : equal 0
    • Volume : 6
    • Data Time : 09:54 CAT
    • Data Date : 2019-04-24
    • Nasdaq (UEPS) Price: $3.55
    • Change : up 0.03
    • Volume : 107.89
    • Data Time : 15:59 EST
    • Data Date : 2019-04-23
Key Products


The Net1 Retail application manages the flow of electronic funds between consumers, retailers, wholesalers and financial service providers.

The solution offers merchants a cashless payment system, designed to meet their specific needs and the needs of their customers by offering security, affordability and accessibility.

Many of these merchants operate in under-developed areas where traditional financial institutions and their products are unavailable or limited due to the lack of communications infrastructures.

Benefits to the Merchant 

  • Increased turnover from a growing smart card client base
  • Reduced cash holdings
  • Reduced banking charges
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Reduced reconciliation problems
  • Reduced fraud and theft
  • New income streams

Benefits to the Cardholder 

  • Security - biometric fingerprint identification
  • If the card is lost, the funds are not lost
  • Reduced bank charges
  • Access to selected U.E.P.S. products and services
  • Separate spouse wallet on the same smart card
  • Ability to save and earn interest
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