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    • Volume : 78.043
    • Data Time : 17:39 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-06-24
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    • Volume : 17.548
    • Data Time : 22:00 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-06-27
Key Products

Salary & Wage Distribution Payments

The Net1 Salary and Wage application was designed in particular for the "un-banked" and "under-banked" market segments, but as the innovative products and services are being unveiled at affordable pricing, offering convenience and security, so is the interest and need arising from the "banked" sector.

The product eliminates the need for cash through the introduction of electronic funds guaranteed by a financial institution. It removes cash at the source, normally being the place of employment, by allowing wages to be paid electronically, in either offline or online environments, directly onto the U.E.P.S. card thereby removing the potential for fraud, crime and violence normally associated with cash payments.

It removes the responsibility of theft claims against the employer by the employee as the amount deposited to the card is precisely recorded and saved in the system.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Reduced bank fees
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased employee productivity

Benefits to the Employee

  • Secure biometric fingerprint identification
  • Reduced bank charges
  • Accessible Money Transfers
  • Accessible 3rd Party Account Payments
  • Separate additional member wallet on the client smart card
  • Interest-bearing Savings Wallets
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