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Our Industries


The healthcare sector, governments and funding organizations face many challenges in the control and distribution of medication. Due to the chemical nature of prescription drugs, patients must be effectively monitored for negative reactions related to their intake. Additionally, data must be collected to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs available for treatment of diseases and illnesses.

Net1's Medical & Patient facility effectively monitors funds from various funding organizations worldwide to ensure that resources are utilized for the intended purpose. The application controls, manages and reports on prescription drugs dispensed and issued for the treatment of illnesses and diseases. It also provides an all encompassing stock control system which tracks and updates medical information and progress on patients. The U.E.P.S. system identifies non-compliance or contract deviation, eliminates fraud, alteration or the falsification of data and handles the distribution of payments for goods and services.
Despite the Net1 system operating in deep rural areas where no meaningful infrastructure exists, it is still able to control and report all regimens prescribed, dispensed and used. The system can be used to manage any future implementation of drug distribution in the healthcare industry as a whole.

Benefits to Doctors & Healthcare Workers 

  • The registration of patients positively diagnosed with a disease/ illness using biometric identification in a real time, offline environment.
  • A confidential and secure database storing the personal details, medical history and records of all patients.
  • The facility to store up-to-date patient information on a patient smart card in a real time, offline environment. 
  • Dispensing relevant prescription medication to patients in line with details on the patient smart card. This confidential information can only be printed out after the successful biometric identification of the patient and healthcare worker.
  • The guarantee that patient medication is accessible to each patient at any healthcare clinic participating in the system.
  • The settlement of registration information, changes to patient information and the dispensing of drugs offline or online daily to the System Host for batch processing. Encrypted personal information is forwarded directly to a confidential server managed by government funding organizations.

Benefits to Patients

  • A client smart card containing patient related information and serving as a portable, electronic, medical record.
  • Patients can be treated anywhere without relying on centralized systems and communications networks.
  • Anonymity and privacy.
  • No cost.
  • Effective patient progress tracking.
  • Added security, patient information is not lost, even if they lose their card.

Our U.E.P.S. Technology Offering Incorporates:

Our Services include:   

  • Transaction Management Services
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): EasyPay switches credit, debit and fleet card EFT transactions for leading South African retailers and petroleum companies.
  • Hosting: EasyPay hosts payment servers and applications on behalf of third parties including financial institutions.
  • Settlement & Reconciliation: EasyPay provides a complete reconciliation and settlement service to its business partners, including dynamic reconciliation, report and screen-query tools for down-to-store-level management and control purposes.
  • Third Party Switching & Processing Support: EasyPay switches transactions from retail POS systems to the relevant back-end systems for Third Parties.

Our Products include: 

Transaction Security:   
Payment Terminals: 
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