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Key to any retailer's growth strategy are its payment systems, systems that have the ability to enable convenience, ease the lives of consumers, make purchases less costly and ensure that transactions are handled with the correct levels of security.
A general lack of communications infrastructure in underdeveloped areas has led to a situation where conventional financial institutions, along with their products and services, are unavailable to consumers and merchants alike.

Additionally, merchants in these areas may not meet the selection criteria imposed by formal financial institutions or the worldwide brands they promote because they can't meet or adhere to the rules and regulations imposed. 
For merchants who service individuals with no or limited access to traditional banking facilities, Net1's system provides a cashless payment system that is secure, affordable and accessible.

Net1's Retail Acquiring application manages the flow of funds between consumers, retailers, wholesalers and financial service providers in underdeveloped areas. Retail Acquiring effects payments made for goods, services or cash dispensing, from a client smart card to a merchant smart card in a secure offline manner.

U.E.P.S. cardholders receiving social grants or wages as a source of income can load their smart cards at U.E.P.S. enabled POS devices located in merchant stores. Cardholders have the flexibility to purchase goods, perform cash withdrawals, initiate money transfers, request automatic loans, effect third party payments and invoke automatic credits and debit orders offline at any participating merchant store once funds are loaded.

Secure transaction solutions and services for enhancing retail payment systems and value-added options at retail Point-Of-Sale.

Developments in payment technology over the years have revolutionized the way in which retailers operate, yet sophisticated retail payment system implementations have become so ubiquitous they are barely noticed by consumers. Whilst secure transaction technology may go all but unnoticed by consumers, many retailers regard the cost of complying with security requirements for payment systems a "grudge" investment which places increasing pressure on retail IT budgets.

Retailers are aware that their Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems can be used for far more than simply accepting payment for goods or services, they recognize that their systems can add value to their business and generate additional income.

Having played an integral role in the development of Southern Africa's earliest electronic banking and electronic payment transaction network, Net1 has over 20 years of experience in secure end-to-end transactions, retail payment systems and solutions.

Net1's retail payment systems incorporate chip card products and standards, payment terminals, infrastructure and transaction security aimed at making retailers and ultimately consumers lives easier and more convenient. These solutions mean that retailers can offer customers a variety of payment options including credit cards, debit cards, U.E.P.S. smart cards, cash, loyalty cards, checks, linked cards etc. Retailers can provide third party services such as the ability for consumers to purchase pre-paid airtime, pre-paid electricity, gift vouchers, effect cash withdrawals and pay utility bills via the retail infrastructure all the POS.

Net1 has patented an "emergency finger" methodology that allows a U.E.P.S. cardholder to minimize the amount of money lost when performing transactions under duress.
Through our biometrically enabled payment terminals, we can provide additional security to any debit or credit card holder by eliminating the risks associated with traditional signature or PIN-based card systems, through a patented fingerprint validation procedure.

Net1 has developed and implemented a number of integrated POS payment systems for leading retailers in South Africa.

EasyPay, Net1's Transaction Services Division, controls the largest bank-independent financial switch in Southern Africa. In 2007 the company processed more than xxx million transactions on behalf of the country's leading Petroleum companies, Retailers, Bill Issuers and Financial Institutions. EasyPay is the leading provider of electronic funds transfer (EFT) and bill payment processing services to South Africa's retail and financial sectors.

EasyPay focuses on the provision of high-volume, secure and convenient payment, pre-payment and value-added services to the South African market. The company's infrastructure connects into all major South African banks and switches both debit and credit card EFT transactions for some of the country's leading retailers and petroleum companies.

Our U.E.P.S. Technology Offering Incorporates:  

Our Services include:   

  • Transaction Management Services
  • Bill Payment: EasyPay's consumer bill payment service introduced at retail POS over 13 years ago is integrated into a large number of national retailers, mobile channels and is available on
  • Gift Card: Supports the electronic generation, issuing and redemption of paper or card-based gift vouchers.
  • EasyPay Licenses: EasyPay enables the issue of new SABC TV licenses and the capture of existing license details within retail environments and via a web-based user interface or a POS integrated solution.
  • Prepaid Electricity: Enables the vending of prepaid electricity for electricity utilities such as Eskom and a growing number of local authorities on a national basis.
  • Prepaid Airtime: EasyPay vends airtime at retail POS for MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): EasyPay switches credit, debit and fleet card EFT transactions for leading South African retailers and petroleum companies.
  • Hosting: EasyPay hosts payment servers and applications on behalf of third parties including financial institutions.
  • Settlement & Reconciliation: EasyPay provides a complete reconciliation and settlement service to its business partners, including dynamic reconciliation, report and screen-query tools for down-to-store-level management and control purposes.
  • Third Party Switching & Processing Support: EasyPay switches transactions from retail POS systems to the relevant back-end systems for Third Parties. 

Our Products include: 

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